Zeus - God of Sky and Thunder
Hera - Goddess of Women, Marriage family and Childbirth
Poseidon - God of Sea, Storm, Earthquake and Horse
Apollo - God of Sun, Light, Prophecy, Truth and Archery
Hephaestus - Blacksmith, Metalworking, Sculptors and Fire God
Athena - Goddess of War and Wisdom
Aphrodite - Goddess of Procreation and Love
Ares - God of War and Courage
Goddess of Hunt, Wilderness and Chastity
Dionysus - God of Grape-Harvest, Vegetation, Festivity and Theatre
Demeter - Goddess of Harvest and Agriculture
Hermes - God of Commerce and Herald of Gods
Hestia - Goddess of Heart and Domesticity
Hades - God of Death
​​​​​​​You can find all my detailed lettering on my instagram @thetallseamon with posts from January 30 to February 13

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