Radieuse Mono - Free Brutalist Display Font
Radieuse Mono is an expanded typeface inspired by Le Corbusier's brutal and minimalist designs, specifically his building La Cité Radieuse in Marseille. It is optimized for titling and large sizes. Total glyphs set: 185 with Latin letters, some classical ligatures, diacritics, symbols and punctuations, numbers and fractions, and more.
Letterings and Titles - Typofolio I
Collection of professional and personal experimental lettering from recent months
Badminton Club Chênois - Visual Identity
I realized the visual identity of the Badminton Club Chênois. It is a Swiss badminton club gathering the 3 cantons called Chênois.
Mac Miller's Swimming Album Redesign
Mac Miller's Swimming album is one of my favorite musical projects. It gathers a lot of introspective questionings mixed with Mac Miller's musicality, this album has marked me. At the dawn of its 4th year of release, I wanted to redesign the cover but also propose a visual idea for each track of the album. I hope you'll enjoy this project as much as I enjoyed creating it.
Album Art Cover Collection Volume 1
You will find in this project a mix of my last album covers created in an alternative way or for real clients.
MAGIC AIR: The Short-Film - Artistic Direction
At the end of January the short film "Magic Air" directed by Lelio competing in the Nikon Film Festival was released. I worked on all the graphic design and art direction of the project. From the realization of the can, main object of the short film, to t…
Inktober 2022 - Artwork & Lettering
In 2022, as part of my daily 365 challenge, I decided to participate to the Inktober 2022. This project mixes experimentation, lettering, 3D and artworks with a learning purpose.
Lettering Collection Greek Gods Edition
At the beginning of the year 2022 I decided to train myself in lettering by taking as subject the gods of Greek mythology. I took one typographic family per god in order to test all types of curves and strokes.
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